Sunday, 1 September 2013

Strawberry Souffle

I've been seeing a lot of the Strawberry Souffle lately, thanks to 'Sarah and Duck'!  For those of you whose television isn't permanently stuck on CBeebies; Sarah and Duck is a cartoon about a little girl and her pet duck!  There's an episode where Sarah is dreaming she made a Strawberry Souffle (it's ingredients are Strawberries and Clouds!).  Sam loves this episode so I thought it would be fun to give it a go.  I was at a bit of a disadvantage, not having a pet duck to retrieve a cloud for me so I had to make do with egg whites!  You should really check out Sarah and Duck on the iPlayer, it's great!

Strawberry Souffle (sorry, I can't work out how to get the accent above the 'e' on blogger!)

This recipe is pretty much Bryn Williams' recipe from Great British Menu a few years ago, which can be seen here:
I halved the quantities and altered the method.  The reason I felt the method needed changing was due to the vague instructions when it came to the whisking of the egg whites and when to add the sugar.  To determine how it's classically done; I consulted my YouTube pals (Gordon Ramsay and Raymond Blanc, thanks fellas!).

Ingredients (Makes 2)

250g Strawberries (Hulled)
75g Caster Sugar
1 Vanilla Pod (this should be half but I wasn't going to leave half a pod!)
1 1/4 Tbsp Cornflour
Soft Butter, for greasing ramekins
2 Egg Whites (room temperature)
Squeeze of Lemon Juice
Icing Sugar, for dusting

1.  Blend the strawberries and 50g of the caster sugar in a food processor.  Pass through a sieve into a pan and add the seeds from the vanilla pod.
2.  In a jug or bowl; combine the cornflour with 2 tbsp water, stir so there are no lumps.  Set aside.
3.  Place the pan on a medium flame and bring to the boil, whisking all the time.
4.  Add the cornflour mixture to the pan and continue to whisk for a couple of minutes until the puree has thickened and the flour has cooked out.
5.  Remove from the heat, allow to cool then cover and chill.
6.  Butter two ramekins, and coat with caster sugar.(use a pastry brush to apply the butter; brush up vertically to create straight lines of butter up the sides.  They say this helps an even rise, must test the theory one day!)
7.  Place ramekins to chill.  I did up to this point the day before I cooked them.

8.  Preheat oven to 190C.  Place 2 Egg Whites into a clean, dry bowl and add a couple of drops of lemon juice.  Whisk (I used my Kenwood Chef!) until approaching soft peaks.  Gradually add the remaining 25g of caster sugar until just at stiff peaks.
9.  Vigorously beat a third of the egg white mixture into the strawberry base to loosen, then gently fold in the remaining two thirds.
10.  Half fill your ramekins with the souffle mixture and then bang the base of the ramekin on a folded tea towel to ensure the mixture is totally filling the base of the ramekin (thanks Gordon!).  Fill up with remaining mixture until it is slightly over-full.
11.  Using a palette knife, level the excess mixture from the top of the ramekin.  Run your thumb around the outside of the ramekin to ensure the mixture doesn't stick to the edge.

12.  Place on a pre-heated baking tray and cook for 11 minutes until the top is coloured and the souffle has risen by half above the ramekin.
13.  Remove from the oven, dust with icing sugar and serve immediately.

There's the cloud!
This is so light it just dissolves in your mouth like strawberry sherbet!  A crisp crust forms on the exterior going into a fluffy warmth of cloudy goodness!  I made one major mistake which was adding closer to half of the egg whites at the loosening point when it should have been a third.  This cost me a bit of rise and meant that I didn't get the trademark 'love-handles' that a perfect souffle should have.  However, it still had a great rise and the texture was so comforting.  Sam liked it anyway, so mission accomplished!

I hope they would approve! Quack!

Have you tried a souffle before?  Have you got a signature souffle?  It was much easier than I thought it would be.  Give it a try!


Sarah and Duck is produced by Karrot Entertainment for CBeebies.  I thought I better mention that as I didn't ask for permission to use that image, oops! ;-)


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