Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Crack Pie - Just had to try it!

Looking so innocent!
If you've never visited then I encourage you to have a look.  Lauren has an excellent and engaging blog with loads of interesting recipes and clear instructions.  It's also where I discovered there was such a thing as 'Crack Pie', so called due to its highly addictive nature!  If you are interested in more about its origins then head over there and check it out. (After you've subscribed to my blog, obviously! Oh and read the rest of this post!)

When I saw the recipe I knew that I just had to try it!  In large part because of its name, but also because of the ridiculous quantities of Sugar (White and Brown), Butter, Egg Yolks and Double Cream!  Sounds like a perfect recipe doesn't it?!  Not to mention the fact that you have to make an extra large cookie to use for the buttery biscuit base(John and Greg would approve!).

This isn't a recipe that you can knock up in a hurry but all of the processes within the recipe are simple and actually quite relaxing.  The first step is to make that buttery base, which is actually a large oat cookie.  Once your cookie is cooked and chilled, it is whizzed up with yet more butter and sugar and pressed into a tin.

Slightly thicker than it should be, I think!

Once the base is made; it's just a matter of combining ingredients in one bowl, my kind of cooking!  It is at this point where I differed slightly from Lauren's version of the recipe and stuck with the original Crack Pie recipe:
I included the Milk Powder where Lauren used fresh milk instead. (You decide!)

Once you've combined all of those highly fattening ingredients; you just bake it in a moderate oven as you would a custard tart.  It's all about the wobble, and then allowing to cool!  The Crack Pie should be served 'fridge cold', if you can wait that long to taste it!

I used the oven at work (more hotspots than 'Strike it Lucky'!)  Could also have done with a bit more filling!

When it comes to the taste; I think it's fair to say that it would divide people!  If you like intensely sweet and rich products then this may be your ultimate dessert!  For me, I loved the first few mouthfuls but couldn't manage much of it (although I do find myself being strangely drawn toward the fridge even when I don't want it!) hence the name I expect!

It has the quality of a caramel made from condensed milk and a base reminiscent of a cheesecake.  Which got me thinking; you could probably make a cheat's version with a packet of cookies and a tin of condensed milk with a few egg yolks, but where's the fun in that?!

The calorie count of this bad boy probably ranks it alongside 'crack' in terms of its health connotations, but I would recommend that you give it a go just for fun (the pie, not 'crack'!).  I'm really grateful to Lauren for introducing me to this remarkable recipe, it's a great talking point as well:

"What are you making?"
"Crack Pie"

I think i'll get myself some raspberries to 'tart' it up in more ways than one!  I'll have to end this post here because I can hear the fridge a-calling!  Damn you Crack Pie!!


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