Thursday, 18 July 2013

Chocolate and Malibu Sorbet (I hope!!)

As I write, my Magimix Le Glacier 1.1 is battling in vain against the tropical temperatures in sunny Hebburn!  It's churning away with only the slightest sign of actual freezing occuring! My patience is being sorely tested and this may be the breaking point in our relationship! I'm eyeing up the Ice Cream attachment for my Kenwood Chef, take note Monsieur Glacier!

I decided to make a sorbet due to the incredible heat and because it gave me a chance to cook another recipe from my current favourite book, 'One' by Florence Knight which I reviewed in my last blog.

Although the prospect of eating a sorbet on a day like this is irresistible; the reality of making one is possibly the least cooling activity ever!  Boiling, whilst continually stirring a sugary syrup tends to elevate the body temperature slightly.  I was also hampered by my little boy's fondness for using my silicone whisk as a microphone/spring board! (It's in the bin now!)  So I had to revert to a good old wooden spoon or risk taking all of the non-stick coating from my pans with my metal whisk!

The process of making a sorbet is so simple, if a tad warm!  I adapted the recipe slightly by changing the alcohol content from Pernod to Malibu, and omitted the candied fennel.(a little too involved for my current energy levels!)

Chocolate and Malibu Sorbet

750ml Water
250g Caster Sugar
120g Cocoa Powder
50ml Alcohol of Choice (I think i'll try Gran Marnier next time)

1.  Place water and sugar in a pan and gently heat until sugar has dissolved.
2.  Bring mixture to boil and bubble until a light syrup.
3.  Remove pan from heat and whisk (stir with wooden spoon!) the cocoa in until dissolved.
4.  Add alcohol, stir and then place back on a high heat.
5.  Whisking constantly, bring back to the boil and bubble for around 5 minutes until the consistency of single cream.
6.  Strain into a bowl and allow to cool before pouring into a (hopefully reliable) ice cream machine!

Well, that's it!  I'm hoping that i'll now be able to walk into the kitchen, find a perfectly frozen sorbet, take a photo, eat it and then come and tell you how it tasted!  Wish me luck!............

Bollocks!  It's going in the freezer!

Some time later.......Ok so i'm getting desperate now and have transferred a small amount into a little container so it will freeze quicker....back to 'The Apprentice'! (Is it possible that Lord Sugar doesn't choose a winner because they're both too annoying?  Although it seems to be a prerequisite of appearing on the programme!)

It's 10pm!!  Tell you what I really fancy for Breakfast.........? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Finally the moment has arrived, only 24 hours or so after I actually wanted to eat it!  It is lovely though, thank God!  It's rich and refreshing with a slight coconut flavour from the Malibu.  It's slightly grainy which is disappointing but still very good!  I wonder if not having a whisk cost me a silky smooth sorbet?  Anyway, I encourage you to give this recipe a go if you have a fully equipped and functional kitchen!!  Enjoy!

Melting before I can get it in my mouth - The curse of the food blogger, "camera"!!

The moment I've been waiting for!!  Yum!

 Phew, i'm still boiling hot! Happy Summer!

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  1. This sorbet sounds perfect for the UK's current heatwave!

  2. Thanks Cara, evasive action was called for; we're not used to this heat as you know well! I really enjoy your blog, thanks for having a look at mine.