Sunday, 7 July 2013

Call Fireman Sam! This cake is killing me!

So......when June arrives my thoughts turn to my Son's (Sam) Birthday Cake.  What will it be this year, which annoying toy or CBeebies character will I decide to conjure up this time around?!  2011 heralded a 'Frog Cake' in honour of his favourite toy (an incredibly annoying musical frog!).  2012, it was 'Stuffy' from 'Show Me, Show Me'!  This years favourite is Pontypandy's greatest ever Firefighter, Fireman Sam (he's 'brave to the core' for those unfamiliar with his herioc exploits!)

Now....I should explain that every year my wife will utter the phrase "do you not want to just buy it this year?".  To which I'll reply "It''ll be more special if I make it myself", and then regret it almost instantly!  This regret deepens as I lose hours searching google images for ideas I can steal, and then go to Lakeland and spend enough to put down a deposit on a house with 3 bedrooms and a garden (our current number 1 priority since the arrival of Baby No. 2 (Sophie) in April....Oh God, 2 cakes next year!)

As ever, I insist that I won't leave it until the last minute this time, and then do exactly that, staying up half the night full of self-hatred and an absolute conviction that the cake will be utter crap which will then result in an early morning dash to M&S for a caterpillar cake!

I love to cook but i'm no master baker and so far have made 3 celebration cakes (starting with that bastard frog for Sam's 1st Birthday!).  So I decided that the easiest thing to do would be a Fire Engine ('easy' translates as 'hours wrestling with fondant icing of various colours!').

The cake itself was a basic Chocolate Fudge which is always a big hit.  I ask if I can make it a fruit cake every year to make it easier to ice, but no, "nobody likes fruit cake" is the response I get (inconsiderate!).  So, the masterplan turned out to be:

1.  Square Cake and a Cake made in Rectangular Pyrex Dish with tapered sides.
2.  Both cut in half - 2 pieces of square cake sandwiched with fudge icing one on top of the other, rectangular cake turned on side and sandwiched to each other and onto end of other cake!
3.  Covered in more fudge icing and then covered in red fondant.
4.  Wheels, Windows, Bumper, Ladder - various colours of fondant.
5.  Shutter - White fondant sprayed with edible silver - still finding traces all over the kitchen!
6.  Headlights - Jelly Tots, and Sirens - Red Fondant covered in Blue Glitter.

Sounds easy - not sure why it took me half the night now!  It's always worth it though when I see Sam's reaction to it and I resign myself to the same fate all over again for the next year! (Oh, check out the fireman candles from Amazon!)  He particularly liked that it was on my snazzy new cake turntable from the aforementioned Lakeland (other cookware shops are available!) as it meant he could spin it around screaming 'nee naa' whilst I envisioned the labour of love flying across the room (the cake, followed by Sam!!)

I can breathe easy now until April when i'm sure pink fondant icing will rear it's ugly head!

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  1. lovely Steve ! welcome to the world of blogging !

  2. No, this does not sound easy at all! :-D Well done, it looks great!